Posture Screening

Our analysis and treatment is guided with the assistance of Australia’s only Formetric – a non-invasive scanning machine – producing informative 3D radiation-free images of your spine and associated skeletal areas.

Posture Alignment Therapy

As we are certified through the Egoscue University, Posture Alignment Therapy empowers you to correct your alignment, leading to a resolution of pain, prevention of injury, increase in performance capacity and an increased general sense of well-being.

Postural alignment therapy is based on the premise that the human body has a specific design posture and that deviations away from the design posture can cause pain, either at the site of the deviation or elsewhere in the body.

Schroth and SEAS Method

We treat and manage symptoms associated with spine deformity such as scoliosis and scheurmans kyphosis. Effective scoliosis treatment requires a specialised approach. The Schroth & SEAS method of scoliosis treatment are the worlds’ most validated methods of effectively treating scoliosis. These methods involve a therapy plan of specific exercises to correct scoliotic posture in the assumption that scoliotic posture promotes curve progression

Exercise therapy and weight loss consulting

Weight loss is often impeded by an inability to exercise at a sufficient intensity due to pain and discomfort. UprightCare can work with you to develop an exercise program taking your limitations into consideration.

Osteoporosis & Posture Improvement

UprightCare offers a customised assessment and treatment program, that will improve posture and help build bone strength.

We work with leading spinal and osteoporosis specialists and have a custom-built modern gym for your exercises.

Our daily Posture and Movement Classes at 10am focus on correcting posture, increasing and maintaining bone density as well as increasing mobility, strength and flexibility.

Learn more about our Posture and Movement Classes. 

How our treatment differs from other physiotherapy practices

At UprightCare we do our best to assess and treat to ensure our patients get better as soon as possible – this is why our home exercise programs are so important.

We don’t make you come a specific number of times per week/month, however, we do encourage follow-up appointments. This may mean 1 or 2 sessions or a few sessions over a few weeks or months to monitor progress. This will all be discussed at your initial appointment.

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