Need to improve your posture at work? Here are some great tips you can put into action straight away!

If your office chair could speak it would say:

  1. Are you sitting all the way back in my seat? – Sitting all the way back in my seat, are your feet on the floor?  If not, try a footrest
  2. Are my armrests stopping you from getting close enough to the workstation? If so, lower them or take them off.
  3. Is my backrest giving you nice support in your lower back as you type? If not, roll up a towel in the small of your back to fill my deficiencies.
  4. Are you still here? You need to get up and I need a rest.
  5. You keep sitting on the edge of my seat! Sit back, and try a footrest
  6. Don’t blame me for your neck; I’m here to support the rest of you. Your monitor must be at eye level and your keyboard nice and close.
  7. It’s been an hour, and I know there’s that deadline, so take the next phone call standing up and then let’s get going again.

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Image credit: Womens Health Magazine