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Exercising with Pain and Injuries

In one of our recent workshops, we discussed exercising with pain and we based our discussion on Prof Lorimer Moseley’s definition of pain:

“Pain is an unpleasant feeling that is felt somewhere […]

Finding the right massage for you

Whether you are looking to relieve tension, relax tight muscles or take some time for yourself, many people really enjoy receiving a massage. I am often asked by patients which […]

Message to a new physio graduate

I had  the pleasure of attending the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) ‘meet and greet’ new grads last week. With Shana-Lee on maternity leave, Craig up to speed, and myself trying […]

Stooping spinal posture: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

The final destiny of the aged spine is to eventually succumb to the relentless force of gravity. This final position will almost always involve some form of stooping over and this […]

Whiplash is a real pain in the neck!

Thank you to Prof Michelle Sterling who presented her work on whiplash at our weekly Sydney University Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Research Group meeting yesterday. Michelle is the associate director […]

Keep on moving: the importance of exercise for fibromyalgia

Since commencing my PhD a few years back and completing my Harvard Clinical Research Course last year I have had the  opportunity to assist a leading European rehabilitation journal as […]

It’s called ‘City2Surf’ not ‘City to Beach’

City2Surf time is always a busy time for physiotherapists. The walking, hobbling, limping wounded “runners” start dribbling into the clinic quite a few weeks before race day. Probably a week […]

Learn more about scoliosis in preparation for the International Scoliosis Awareness Day

Learn more about scoliosis in preparation for the International Scoliosis Awareness Day on Saturday 24 June 2017

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a spine deformity; more specifically it is defined […]

Breastfeeding and Mastitis

As joyful as those first few weeks are with your little newborn, mastitis is a common hurdle for breastfeeding. Mothers, especially first time mums, are often under the impression […]

Don’t Let Your Running be Hamstrung by Your Hamstring!!

What if after starting a new exercise program you feel that dreaded pull and tightness in the back of your thigh? Hamstring injuries are the plague of athletes from […]

Journey Through Scoliosis

My physio journey… reflections on the path of spine deformity

The unbelievable gift of the healing professions is that it allows one to partake in the journey of healthcare. I am once again on a journey, but this time returning […]

Harvard 5 day immersion course

I do write, I really do write. The prolonged silence on my blog has more to do with the my not uploading my writing than a lack of words written. […]

Learning about Scoliosis in Germany

Normally I really look forward to getting on board these flights. I look forward to the time I have to write. I sit back start typing and ramble on… This […]

Thoughts from the Scoliosis Research Society Conference

OMG!! As my daughter Gabrielle would say. I really need to schedule time to write more often. I was looking forward to getting on this plane so that I could […]

Journey Through Scoliosis

2013 is almost over and life continues. I am progressing with my discussions with Sydney University and hopefully will have a formalised project starting next year.

Unfortunately last month, one of […]

Journey Through Scoliosis

Wow, time has flown.  Its already October. I have been meaning to put something down in the blog but have been so incredibly busy its been hard to find the […]

Thoughts from SOSORT Chicago

Another flight. its been a few months since my last one.

This time it’s to Chicago. SOSORT which is the international society of conservative treatment for spinal deformity has its conference […]

Journey Through Scoliosis

Shana-Lee has returned back (part time) from maternity leave. It’s wonderful to have her back and see how she works with our patients.  We had an intersting case this month. […]

Journey Through Scoliosis

My friend Jonathan accosted me few days ago… he asked where the most recent Rant was. Sorry, I have been remiss in posting. Here is my ramble from December January..

Another […]

Journey Through Scoliosis

Hi all,

OK. listen up!!!

We know all about scoliosis. The internet is full of information and there is more than enough “stuff” to educate till  confusion but at some stage we […]