Remedial Massage: Finding the right massage for you

Whether you are looking to relieve tension, relax tight muscles, or take some time for yourself, many people really enjoy receiving a massage.

 Physiotherapists often use massage as a therapeutic tool when treating patients. At UprightCare we believe good hands are an essential part of being a good physiotherapist. Along with good hands, physios have broad experience and knowledge working with the body: encompassing anatomy,  disease, injury, sports, biomechanics, scientific rigour, and healing. This allows us to not only give a massage that is good, but to give a massage that is healing.

So, what is a healing massage and how can we help you?

First off we assess your aches and pains to ensure that your massage is conducted in a position that will not exacerbate your pain. We like to consult with you to make sure the pressure of the massage is “just right” to follow the soft tissue pathways to relieve tension. We are confident in gently mobilising any stiff joints that would benefit from increased range once the muscle tension has been reduced.  At the end of the massage, if you are interested, we might offer some exercises to continue to promote healing.

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